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Oct 3 13 2:39 PM

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Greetings! I started this board way back in early 2002. Along the way many have contributed their views, as well as at times products that have greatly increased the value of our forum. I have, through the years, received many compliments on the quality and class of our members' postings.

However, because we come from different backgrounds; because written posts are not the same as actually having the luxury of a face to face discussion, sometimes (in fact rarely) a member may feel (whether accurately or not) that they have been "personally attacked". After that, things can snowball into (rightfully or not) real personal attacks.

The great majority who have contributed to this board truly have applied the code of agreeing to disagree. Only a few times have I ever exercised by right to delete someone's message on the grounds of rudeness.

Let's continue to keep our board informative, as well as eloquent.  If you ever need to contact me privately my e-mail is: [email protected]

Thank you and train safe.

Fred Crivello
Pro Cable Course

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Oct 3 13 2:39 PM

How to search this site

There are 3 useful ways that I know of for searching on this site.

Search tags. You may have noticed the search tags on this site. Clicking on one of these should take you to a thread or threads that are tagged with that topic. Sometimes a search tag will not show any results but this is just a Yuku glitch and usually means that the search tag is new and that the site has not updated itself just yet. Give it a few days and you may find the search tag will work next time.

+altus, +archers pull, +arm wrestling, +baseball, +beginner, +bodylastics, +bullworker, +bungee cord, +calisthenics, +core, +diet and nutritin, +door anchors, +elastikon, +fatmans guide to cable training, +gaining weight, +golds gym, +grip, +homemade, +injuries, +inner tubes, +iron horse shoe, +iron woody, +ironmind, +isometrics, +issa, +jumpstretch, +legs, +lifeline, +loops, +martial arts, +mass suit, +neck, +ohdp, +old time, +orion, +pda, +pictures, +power bands, +power jumper, +power twister, +professional cable course, +pullum sports, +running, +samson, +sierra, +spenby, +springs vs tubing, +straight tubing, +super slow, +terrys, +theraband, +video, +weights, +weights vs strands, +york

You can also use the Yuku search engine near te top right of the forum. It's not very good but it finds most of what you are looking for.

A very good way to search this site is to use Google. Google does a far better search of this site than the Yuku search. Let's say you wanted to search this site for "Bonomo" (as in Joe Bonomo). Type the following into the Google search engine bonomo  This will only give you results from this site.
You can use quote marks around a two or more word name or phrase if you need to narrow your search down

Search other sites in the same way by typing "site:", the name of the site and then the search term. For example cats blather

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Jul 16 14 9:19 AM

A Way To Use Search Tags

Most of us know the Search Tags (that BigBruv spent much time on for us) hasn't worked for a while.  It isn't just our board.  Yuku hasn't worked out the problem yet.

The other night I was messing around trying to figure a way to use them.  I found that if I clicked first on a Topic (which opens its Posts), then clicked on the Topic's Search Tag, it made a Topics List for that Search Tag.

I hope this helps and that it will work for you all and still for me too.

Pro Cable Course

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Jul 17 14 3:56 PM

Search Tags - As of July 17, 2014 - Fixed by Yuku

Yuku support sent me a private message regards fixing search tags:

This is Chris with Yuku support. I wanted to let you know that the strandpulling forum will be taken down for maintenance some time between 3:00 and 4:00 am Eastern (in about 3 hours). The maintenance will ensure better general performance as well as a fix for the broken search. Thanks Chris

I tried the search tags this a.m. and they now seem to work.

Pro Cable Course


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