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Mar 16 09 6:03 PM

I don't know man... would be great to find a working organization, with competetions maybe. Or what if someone would establish an association? Oh man I'd be the first person join.

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Mar 17 09 3:24 AM

Congrats on your BP PR Gery ! It looks like your workout program is working nicely. At some point you may hit a plateau and then you can make some changes, perhaps upping your intensity or the frequency of your training a little bit. I am starting to plateau, but am happy to have added 10 lbs to my 3 and 6 rep front press PR's yesterday. I'll see if I can improve my OHP PR tonite or tomorrow. would be really nice to have an association as there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of strands.

... neilkaz ...

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Mar 19 09 3:05 AM

new PR

Hi guys,

Yes it is a PR again and again on BP at attention with 150 kg this time image

Although I made one rep was shaking like crazy. By the way does that count if you're shaking or not while holding ou the expander? No biggie though, there is no competion for me to participate in the near future image


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Mar 20 09 2:05 AM

Oh almost forgot, I sent a letter to Jim Bartlett at ISSA and asked him a few things

Here's a copy of my letter:

"Hi Jim,

First off, I hope you don't mind contacting you directly.

This is Gery from Hungary. I'm 26 and been working out thru several exercise methods for about 9 years now.

However I got introduced to the world of strand-pulling only a few months ago when I visited Fred Crivello's online forum that is dedicated to strand-pulling and is a pretty good source of related informations. Since that time I got pretty obsessed about strand-pulling. I own an expander set made by Elastikon (if you want to checkout here's the link: They produce good quality expanders although these have rubber strands.

Currently I train at home by using my 30-150kg set and going that well that I was thinking about whether are there any competition or some kind of association for strand-pullers? Then I got your e-mail from Fred.

I understand that you're basically train with steel expanders, but can someone else join than a steel strand-puller?

Do you have any registered competitions? Also do you know about any official stand-pulling records?

Sorry for the long story and the flood of questions. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Gery "

Hope he will get back to me.

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Mar 28 09 5:18 PM

Having read your posts Gery I decided to invest in a set myself. Although there was some initial confusion over making payment I finally managed to get them sent to me here in the UK. They arrived yesterday and I'm delighted. Thanks for the tip off on where to get a good expander set from.


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Mar 29 09 12:42 AM

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum. I'm glad that you found my review useful. Which resistance level you have gotten? The staff at Tiedje-Sport is pretty friendly and speak good english.

Please do keep us posted on your training progress, experineces.

Also please check out my blog ( and you may send me some videos, training materials or anything you want to share on my blog (as a matter of fact I want it to become OUR BLOG) .

Train smart!

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Mar 29 09 3:14 AM

I've gone for the level 4 and will probably look at getting the 5 at some point. I'm afraid that the if the ISSA is still operating they're keeping a low profile. I have friends in the US who have told me that strand pulling was popular here but I must concede I have not been able to find any one else here who uses them.

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Mar 29 09 4:45 PM

Congrats on the level achievements... keep us posted on your training progress.

Shiiiit image Dude it's too bad people forgot this old training method image There could be contests again like they have for weightlifters, shotputters, javeline throwers etc.

We gotta bring an association of expanders pullers to LIFE! image

PS. I just realized the person at ISSA is the same Jim Bartlett who holds several strand-pulling records, is that right?

Last Edited By: Gery Mar 29 09 4:51 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 6 09 10:33 PM

Just ordered a set of ELASTIKON [ level 3/ 5x 20kg] expanders.JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!
Even though my financial situation is a bit DIM [ the factory i work at has gone from 5 days, well 5 and a half with o/time, to 3 days],
JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM [ I'M SURE IF I STAY AWAY FROM THE PUB FOR ONE OR TWO SATURDAYS, THAT WIL COVER THE COSTimage],Had some trouble with the order form though,i must have filed it in about 4 times!!!!!!!!!!
I even sent them an e-mail directly after, asking them to check my order. I HAD THIS VISION OF 4 EXPANDERS COMING TO MY HOUSE. AND £100 PLUS TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT-------OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going to order the 5x25 or 5x30, but i thought be realistic, you are not BILL KAZMEIR [ is that the correct spelling??????]
My plan is to order the 5x25 in september [ for my birthday ], and the 5x30 in december [ as a xmas gift to myself image]

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Apr 7 09 12:38 AM

Just had a thought [ I DO GET THEM FROM TIME TO TIME!!!!!!!!image].
Even though the ELASTIKON expander is on it's way, what if my arms are too long for it??
When i bought the IRONMIND SET, i found out that on the front press, i was stretching the velcro on the protective cover.So i
had to make slightly longer webbing straps.
My arms are pretty long, like that ORANGUTAN CLYDE IN THE CLINT EASTWOOD FILMS, " RIGHT TURN, BIG A"image
There is one ANSWER to this question-------------"DON'T DO FRONT PRESSES" image HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#35 [url]

Apr 7 09 2:47 PM

Yeah Big A as Chris said they have a pretty good stretch and actually is more comfortable for a long armed person than for the short one. elastikon expander is an awesome piece, I'm sure you'll love it.

As for your story... well it lot reminds me to my own old story I also used to go out to pubs and stuff all weekend and very often on the week days too. Then later I realized if I don't quit smoking and well that lifestyle I'm gonna be ruining the precious hard work made in "the gym". Now I'm on the other end though, became a straight edge and you know what I don't even think of having a pint, smoking or whatever, truth to be told I hate to go pubs anymore I save a lot this way both my energy & health and my money.

When your set will arrive?

Take care,

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#37 [url]

Apr 9 09 4:17 AM

Because the IRONMIND loops have snaped loads of times.
It's funny, because, every time they snap or break, i always DUCK!
Although fixing them back together is no problem.

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#39 [url]

Apr 9 09 8:24 PM

The Elastikon Strands are like Bungee cords, snapping them would take some incredible force, I think you'd be more likely to break the handle than the strand. If you read their literature the set comes wit ha three year guarantee which for the money I think is quite reasonable.

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