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Oct 15 08 6:31 PM

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Legendary old time strongman Alexander Zass gives his thoughts on how best to train with chest expanders. He didn't rate chest expanders very highly but maybe he said that because he was selling courses that didn't employ them. (Personally I think they are a fantastic pice of equipment).
To get better results, tie a piece of stout cord to the handles, the cord to be of a length which barely permits the arms to lock fully when extended. If this is fixed securely, when you stretch the strands out you will come up against the resistance of the cord just as the elbows are about to lock. Force hard against this resistance, and continue to do so...
Scroll down to page 21.

I dont think its something I would bother doing but I do sometimes use an isometric on the final rep of some exercises by holding in the positve position for several seconds
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Oct 15 08 8:54 PM

I think sometimes when one sees a less than glowing report on expanders from an old-timer, or contemporary atheltes too for that matter, it is because:

1) the sort of expander resistance that would compete with a barbell set is rarely available to them, so they have never actually used one as a significant source of resistance to see the effects;

2) the performance of a great pull from the traditional list of fundamental pulls doesn't "show" well to the public since it has no reference for them to judge it by. If someone chins with someone hanging from his feet, this would mean something to a spectator; a 300 lb. back press... less so.

Expanders are a bit harder to relate to.


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Oct 27 08 2:04 AM

Old times wrestlers certainly appreciated strands

Their use replaced manual resistance exercises quickly enough as "portable training" went.

My younger brother Culum was a longbow nuts and strands training certainly played a role in his ability to get 15 arrows in the air in 1 min with a 140 pounds bow or 20+ with a 115 pounds one.

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