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Aug 4 05 3:35 AM

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Hi guys,Can you give the workout of fred rollon?(the exercises he performed,its reps etc etc)And also his nutritional habits?:D

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Sep 17 12 6:30 AM

Yeah, I can't help but notice that, for a guy who looks that impressive over such an uncommon method of building to dedicate to oneself, the guy seems to have a dearth of information... including more than that picture. Wish there was more about him.

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Sep 17 12 7:50 PM

Hi Sai

The Rollon physique certainly inspires and one wonders why he was not snapped up and used to promote strands by some enterprising company.

There is a snippet I found which refers to Rollon and has some further poses. Tromp who has written the text suggests that low reps should be be used combined with weightlifting etc. as the muscle created is "balloon muscle" all of which I would take with a pinch of salt

He does say that Rollon's arms were 18", So balloon muscles for me then. Ha!

The link to the article is

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Sep 17 12 10:35 PM

Sounds like he is implying that it is sarcoplasmic (whether or not the author knew it.) That said, seems counterintuitive if it was only for 5 reps at most.

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Sep 19 12 2:31 AM

Here's a bit of text from the Dezso Dan website.

Fred Rollon was considered by a great many European authorities to be the most magnificently developed man who existed in their time. He had a most unusual muscular development and muscular separation – was, in fact, a human anatomical chart. He concentrated for years upon cable training and became the recognized world’s champion of the cable training art. Cables accounted for the truly remarkable upper body development he possessed. His cable pulling did not give him the ability to lift heavy weights and he was so chagrined at times through being bested by smaller men, with not nearly his impressive development, that he took up the regular practice of weight training and became a successful lifter.

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Feb 21 16 2:27 PM

I found few another informations about Fred Rollon (maybe it will be interesting for some forum members):
Informations are from some Muscle and Fitness column - author mentions book from David Webster - "Strength lore and strands" (maybe is only gathering of info from that book).

Fred Rollons:
He was born possibly around 1880 in Berlin.
He claimed himself world champion of strandpulling in 1902 (so maybe in his 22).
140 kg was mentioned on posters to his shows as resistance number of his expanders (so that provide us theory, when he could start to train with strands - I say 4/5 years at least, so when he was 17, maybe even lot earlier).
He also performs thick nail bending, iron bar bending a desk of cards ripping off at his strongman shows (that show us he don´t build his upper body strength and physique only from strandpulling).
When he had one show in Minsk (Russia) someone ask him if he could show real strength - Fred Rollon had answered to that by 120 kg barbell overhead press (not proved information - unlinkely), then he added another discs to barbell and had performed flat bench press with 165,7 kg.
He was 178 cm tall, weighted 84 kg - neck 43 cm, biceps 43 cm, waist 78 cm (I think with that height and weight really small waist - he was simply thin and ripped), thigh 32 cm (??? - that seems to me he had really great upper measurements, but if he did something for legs, it had been not so often bodyweight or strand excercises - with this number I thing heavy deadlifts and squats are out of question*** - at least in time his proportions were measured).

*** but he could have really bad genetics for develompent of that parts or body (my type is that if he did something for legs, it had been running that could be another factor he was so thin - but it is possible he did not anything for his leg develompent and specialize only for upper body strength and feats).
Maybe I´m wrong - if somebody have information about Fred Rollon and his lover body strength/excercising, please fill in some info

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Feb 22 16 11:31 PM

Thanks for the info. It's possible some measurements were exaggerated but also entirely possible he focused on upper body lifts. Early weightlifting contests, for example, sometimes consisted of one arm curl and press and two-arm military press. Traditional strandpulling exercises and competition lifts in particular are also almost exclusively upper body exercises.

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