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Sep 15 16 1:13 PM

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Has anyone here used (is anyone here using) longer (+/- 1 m or longer) resistance bands without handles? (Type of products that Scooby recommended in his channel:  [url= If so, what are Your experiences compared to tubing with handles (expanders, etc) and compared to weight lifting basic excercises (deadlift or squat with these bands for example)? Are u using them in combination with BWF or weight training or stand-alone tool for fitness? What are Your experiences in classic strandpulling excercises with them (for example Front chest pull with that kind of band)?

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Sep 19 16 9:21 PM

I use flat bands like that exclusively I think mine are also one metre long. That means I can't easily compare them to tubing.

For front chest pull and similar pulls 1m is really too long, so you can't hold the bands by the end. By starting the pull with your hands progressively closer together, you also increase the difficulty, so it's not all that bad. Depending on your arm length, they might work OK for back press.

Deadlifts and squats work quite well with the heavier bands since the flat shape is more comfortable, but deadlifts still benefit from some kind of handle because the part of the band you are holding onto also stretches.

One thing I like to do with longer bands is the side-press; an overhead press with the band looped round the right hand and the left foot (or vice versa).

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