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Classic expander courses and excercises and rowing (horizontal pull)

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Aug 29 16 2:24 PM

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It´s interesting, that rowing as a motion (and one of main excercises for horizontal pull) is mostly missing as excercise in classic (oldtime) expander courses.

Do You think that is mainly due to fact :
1) steel expanders don´t provide option of this excercise (without attaching one handle to door handle or some anchor which provide this possibility) opposed to rubber tubing, where one could bend tube over feet or different point and perform rowing motion, so it is for simplicity.

2) it wasn´t well known excercise back in expander courses prime (I suppose oldtime strongmans don´t look into workout schemes as divided to verticall pull/push, horizontal pull/push, rotation and core but worked overall strength, movements or specializations).

3) there are better/other excercises with expanders for same targeted parts (I suppose combo of Front chest pull, Archer´s pull and ODP targets same body parts as for example Seated expander rows?), so rowing is only another possibility to add into already overall classic expander horizontal pull excercises.

Mostly... I´m interested here in question if classic expander excercises are all that one needs for back health in terms of provided horizontal pulling motion (if really Rows are only addition)?
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Oct 4 16 11:40 PM

Rowing and Other Exercises for Back Health.


Rowing with a shoulder-high wall attachment was part of the Weider course I followed in the late 1960's.

I remember doing both standing and seated versions.

I have been using an Elastikon expander exclusively while travelling.

I wrap it around one foot (with a protective plastic sleeve) for seated rows and it is a great exercise.

I just made a door anchor to use with these cables which can be slipped under a door  for seated rows.

Having tried these exercises for 6 weeks now, I  think that the squat holding one handle on the chest and the stiff-legged deadlift holding two handles with the cables under the foot 

are all you need for the lower back.

If you don't have long cables, you can slip a towel through one handle of an expander to hold onto, or tie a loop of webbing around the other end for your foot.

This loop can also be slipped around a board or dowel.

I do one or two moderate sets of ten and a heavier set or two.

I like the sequence squat-deadlift-row, as each exercise warms you up for the next.

Regarding the upper back, close-grip upright rows were also in the old Weider course.

They are also in the current Elastikon guide.

They are said by some web gurus to cause shoulder impingement. 


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Oct 11 16 12:51 PM

Thank You for reply.

Yeah, I performed seated rowing in same way (seated, tubes arond feet), but tubes around door handle worked for me better due to wider range of motion.
I didn´t do deadlift with expander so much due to its short length (towel for adding length is good tip).

I Agree, It seems to me that is good excercise type for shoulder health (mostly for lower shoulder blades), but there are different excercises with strands that target that area (front chest pull, overhead downward pull) and I don´t see mostly Rowing as a staple excercise in coures I had red (thanks for posting info about Weider course).
Plus to that - I had feel that my back was more relaxed if I add sets of Rowing.
But... I´m still wondering why Rowing wasn´t one on main excercises with expanders (and still isn´t to this day). Maybe possible tubing damage is another thing for that excercise isn´t recommended more.

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