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Aug 16 16 3:33 AM

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In preparation for a trip this summer, I decided to bring my Elastikons.

I use them a lot less than my other sets at home, mostly just for Back Presses, Shimmies, and Whippets.

I have 2 sets:

a yellow, rated at 10 kilos/22 pounds the strand, and

a red, rated at 15 kilos/31 pounds the strand.

I thought I might want to mix the strands to diminish the 10 kilo jump of the yellow strands to 5 kilos.

They had always felt rather close in strength to me, but I had never measured them before.

I made a mark on a door jam at my wingspan, 163 cm/64 inches.

Holding one handle down with my foot I pulled the expander with a luggage scale.

The results with 2 strands were:

Yellow set 1: 19 kilos/42 pounds
Yellow set 2: 20 kilos/44 pounds
Red set 1: 18 kilos/ 40 pounds
Red set 2: 19 kilos/41 pounds

It seems that both sets are approximately the same pull weight.

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Aug 17 16 7:12 PM

Elastikon Pull Weights

That is the case with the 2 expanders I own.

However, no one has complained of this weight discrepancy on the / reviews yet.

Perhaps my red expander escaped quality control.

It would be nice to have some pull-weight measurements from other Elastikon owners.

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Oct 1 16 5:24 AM

Observation Posted on Regarding Elastikon II

I am a 65 year old trying to get into better shape and have been using this exerciser daily for about 6 months with very good effects. I bought the yellow strung model (5 x 10 kg cords) and built up to using two yellow cords fairly easily. I found it impossible however to jump up to three yellow cords because of the large 10 kg increase in pull. I therefore bought a red string model (5 x 15 kg cords) so that I could use one red and one yellow cord to increase the pull to 25 kg. I did this for a few weeks and then upped it to two red cords (in theory 30 kg). I can now pull this easily but find three yellow cords (in theory also 30 kg) still impossible. This makes a nonsense of the cord ratings. This device facilitates a range of exercises and allows a good workout but desperate needs accurate cord ratings and some 2.5 kg and 5 kg spare cords to allow a gradual increase in strength rather than large leaps.

This concurs with my observation. 

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Dec 3 16 9:32 PM

Observation on Regarding Elastikon I and IV Expanders

Bought yellow expander N1 supposed to be 10 kg per string and green expander N4 supposed to be 25 kg per string
2 green strings supposed to give 2x25kg= 50 kg but it is easier to pull than 4 yellow strings supposed to be only 40 kg=4 x10kg


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Dec 29 16 5:38 AM

Cable weight ratings are always pretty hit or miss. Probably best to play with combinations of the lighter and heavier bands you have to find a working way to scale up.

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Dec 30 16 6:09 AM

Elastikon Pull Weights


Since, as I measured it, the red strand is 10 kilos and not 15 as stated, You can't easily proceed in 5 kilo increments with it.

Since, from annectdotal evidence, it seems that the green strand is less than 25 kilos, I suppose that it may indeed be closer to 20 kilos.

Considering the evidence so far available, it is not yet proven that you can have smaller than 10 kilo increments in the Elastikon system.

Until actual pullweights are posted, I would suggest buying either a yellow or a red set, depending on your colour preference, until you can pull 5 cables with ease.


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Dec 30 16 7:42 AM

Right, and good to know. It can be nice to have the extra set of handles so you can have a couple of set ups on the ready.

I guess I should have just said, have you tried two yellows (or reds) and a green?

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Dec 30 16 6:01 PM

Elastikon Green Strands


No I am unlikely to buy a green set until I hear of its true pull weight.

As the second poster felt that the pull weight was less than 20 kilos, it is likely that it is between15 and 20 kilos.

If so, some may find such a purchase worthwhile.

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#9 [url]

Dec 30 16 7:45 PM

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood and thought you had a green set. One green feels lighter than 2 yellows to me. If I get really energetic, I'll see if I can make some measurements.

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Jan 4 17 5:46 AM

The old Lifeline chest expander cables had similar issues with measuring resistance. We had a big discussion about it back in the day, and one forum member (I think macky?) did additional research and even wrote to Lifeline. Like Mr Brady wrote, any resistance ratings will be pretty hit or miss.

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Jan 4 17 7:57 AM

Elastikon Pull Weights


I am well aware of the Lifeline discussion, and even used Macky's measuring technique.
The central issue, as I see it, is that Elastikon implicitly marketed their expanders as a system in which you could diminish a 10-kilo jump to a 5-kilo jump by mixing strands.
Had I known that the yellow and red strands were of equivalent strength, I would not have bought both sets.
Though Lifeline also exaggerated the pull weight of its strands, there was a significant difference between the actual strengths of each type of strand.


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