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May 2 16 5:52 PM

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Haven't been here for a couple of years. Since a few weeks I started to use my strands again. I combine it with kb work. I really do like the combination.

part of todays routine was:
Snatch and squats left
snatch and squats right
overhead downward pull

I do have a question about the latter. What is the difference with doing overhead downward with the palms out or palms in. I mostly do them with palms out, feels like I use best form that way.

any idea what the difference is between these 2? Thanks for your reply.
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May 2 16 7:18 PM

I can speak only for my personal experience, so:
ODP - palms out - yeah, feels more like "natural" way to perform excercise, than palms in.
ODP - palms in - I feel more biceps and lover back worked more as supported muscles of movement, than in palms out variation. Maybe bigger emphasis on forearms too. At the other hand, I feel that in palms out variation I could feel better scapula and upper back musles more and I think they are also better for straight standing position (if You have for example neck postural problems as I, thats another good thing for that variation).

As for strands and kettlebells:
Its really good combo of equipment. I have some experience from this combination of equip from past. Its great that strands complete kettlebells for overall body workout (strands - better for upper body and isometrics, kb - better for lover body, grip and explosiveness). I think that kettlebels and strands complete each other also with heavy/light sessions: I used kettlebells for heavier workouts and if I had time other day in morning, I did light expander workout.
Strands also provide for kettlebell user possibility of vertical pull with ODP (kettlebell have option of High pull excercise, but that seems to me like way with very limited range of motion of vertical pulling).

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May 3 16 12:30 AM

Thanks Lemmy01. It is a great combo. Your plan of using the strands gor the lighter day is smart too, but at the moment I really enjoy usingbthem together in one session.

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May 3 16 2:08 AM

I did some combinated workouts too (kettlebells + strands in one sessions)...

Overall, if I take combined workout routines I did, where strands (in my case chest expander) was in role of supplement to main equipment (or exercises with expander don´t take more than half of excercise scheme of that routine), ODP and Front chest pull* was mostly on the list. If kettlebell was supplement in that routine, Goblet squat and Kettlebell swing was mostly on the list (and Clean and press too - I concider Clean and press as my favourite kettlebell excercise and probably it is excercise I did with kettlebell mainly).

* Front chest pull is great addition to kettlebells I think. With holding kettlebell(s) in main lifts (clean and press, swing, snatch, squat,..) it seems to me, that shoulder is forced to go naturaly (as a result of holding weight) to rounded position forwards. Front chest pull, at the other hand, force shoulders to attack resistance from other side (back side of shoulders) and somehow balance force on shoulders in training session and "massage" scapula musles in the proces.

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