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Apr 14 16 2:26 PM

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My last topic was about our (Czech republec) great athlete, Gustav Frištenský.
As I thought about him and movies, I thought we had really good (old) movies that I would like to reccomend, if anybody will be interested in it.

So, just for try, I recommend here two movies which had some strandpulling scene (so related to forum), both really great commedies (I think our greatest movies were commedies): 
- I just need to post here link to another movie of same director, which is one of my favourite movies of our country:
- I really reccomendboth of movies, as they are great visual style and intelligent parody humor
- Another great one, really good comedy

If someone will like another tip to older Czech movie, just let me know.
Thanks beforehand for Your time to see description in links and time You give to see the movie(s) (if anyone will see it).
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Apr 14 16 11:35 PM

Thank you for joining the forum and sharing, Lemmy01. Good stuff!

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Apr 15 16 1:13 PM

Thankg, glad You like it.

I did some digging on Youtube and found that many good czech movies are online for watching full, but few of them are with english subtitles and in good video quality.

The Cremator - psychologic thriller/horror. Although I had never saw whole movie (not my favourite genre), I reccomend it for burdensome atmosfere, whole quality of movie and Rudolf Hrušinský´s (concidered by most as our best actor of all time) performance (his performances in movies are always the best):

Three Wishes for Cinderella - classic fairy tale. Our movie version of this fairy tale is concidered as very good (or best) adaptation of fairy tale on screen. It´s our classic movie, nearly always on list of Christmas Eve of one of Czech television:

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Apr 15 16 2:48 PM

Addition to The Cremator:
I just find out, that Cremator is ranked as or 5th best movie in biggest czech movie database site and have great reviews at IMDB, too.

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