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Apr 11 16 11:17 AM

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Gustav Frištenský was one of our (Czech republic) best athletes and in my opinion one of best greco-roman wrestlers of all time (if even the best - near to 10 thousand wins and only few losses in matches).
He is also concidered by many as legendary strenght figure of our country. He is one of my inspiration idols in terms of physicall fitness (which, in he peak was not matched by any other czech) and also, humanity.

He was also pioneer in using good diet for sport and wellness as addition to regeneration (massages, swimming).

I don´t find in strandpulling forum any mention of him, but I thinkg informations about him may be interesting for some of You:
Not only for fact he did also use expander as one of tools he worked out (he was all-around athlete, who worked out with bodyweight and uses other fitness tools, for example gymnastic rings and homemade dumbells and barbells; and performed other sports for general fitness), but overal - as great sportsman, physical athlete and gentleman.

Here is his Wiki (eng) page:

Official pages of his museum (czech) - Litovel, Czech rep.

Video with his training, where he also did use expander:

I would really love to visit museum one day at future with my kids.

And I really recommend to search is name for pictures of him (where You could also see his body development in his prime).

If You have any question, feel free to ask (I would try to answer myself as a fan or try to ask lady Zdenka Frištenská, who cares about his museum.

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Apr 13 16 10:17 AM

Thanks for sharing, Lemmy. I had never heard of Frištenský before now. I watched all the followup videos as well, and some more of him wrestling.

I wanted to ask if you know any of his best lifts? For example, I doubt that barbell there weighs 300lbs but perhaps he had records that were about that number?

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Apr 13 16 11:40 AM

Yeah, I think that weights information in video are misleading: if I am correct, Zdeňka Frištenská told in short video for Czech televison about his museum that his heaviest home made barbell was 80 kg. That is still very impresive for athlete in pre-supplement era who worked out at home.

I found some information, hope I put correct excercise translations - I focused only for strength feat searching (I skipped his another sport achievements, like greco-roman mastery, etc..).

Strength test he did when he entered sports club "Hellas" in Brno, Czech rep., when he was 20:
He picked several times 50 kg (information doesn´t include type of excercise - i think it would be maybe clean and press or biceps curl), than lifter above head 60 kg 10 times (I suppose I´m correct, but - shoulder press in czech weightlifting terminology had same werb, as we use now for "pull" - very strange . I assume it was shoulder press, because weightlifting sport have in our country huge history from "beggining of lifting culture"). He did 70 kg clean and jerk excercise for 15 times and 85 kg clean excercise 6 times.

After that:
1900 (21) - international competion in athletics (heavy and light athletics) - weights, greco-roman wrestling, disc throwing - first places.
1901 (22) - master of Morava in disc throwing, first place in Prague Sparta tournament in weightlifting.

1902 (23) - control test in strength:
70 kg lifted above head 16 times, 60 kg by clean and jerk 40 times, 50 kg with feets., 50 kg with lifter above head 46 times (with feets in position: middle one in this picture -, snatch with 50 kg by right hand 14 times.

Hope that helped.

Btw, I have sended lady Frištenská questions about his expander trainging (if he have is own expander, if he did standard expander excercises or made his own, etc..), waiting for answer

EDIT: Another thing. I don´t state if he did strength feats in sports club with dummbells or barbells. This is due to fact, we have in czech language same word we use for dumbells or barbells (sometimes, we only ad one-handed or two-handed/big before that word to clear separation what we mean ). I would say main focus were barbells that time and dumbbells only as addition.

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Apr 13 16 1:18 PM

Another thing about his strength training - he believed that one should process strength thourgh the day.
For example: He had gymnastic rings at terrace of his house. When he go around them, he often did few pull ups on them.

His humanity side was very interesting too (something one could really look up to):
For example - he used money that he gathered in greco-roman tournaments in developing his family houses and farm, where he provide work for many people, build houses for that workers, finance building a school and support financially resistance in WW2 (and was jailed for that) - he was not into politics by any means, but he was very patriotic (when he were in travels to tournaments, he refused to change written spelling of his name) and simply generous to poor/local comunnity.
Even when he had low money at old age (he was persecuted by communist regime too, as many bussinessman or non-members of communist party were in that time at our country) a must sold his belongings to survive (in them many sport artifacts - another example: he had sold gradually gold pieces from his greco-roman championship belt), he did good things for others (I will use his championship belt as another example - he allegedly gave some gold pieces from his belt to some poor newlyweds for creation of engage rings for free).
One of paradox of communist regime were that he was given title "worthy master of sport" by communist party (end yet, they confiscated his fortune - they wanted to re-locate him from his family house too, but luckily that don´t happen).

For all that, It´s very unfortunate, that Gustav Frištenský, even for many strength sports fans at our country is forgotten name (especially for younger generation).
He was sipmly a hero in many ways.

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Apr 14 16 12:34 AM

I could tell he was a good, kind man when I watched part IV of the videos when he was in his 70's and saw how he treated his dog and how much the dog loved him.

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#6 [url]

Apr 14 16 1:33 PM

No problem, I´m glad I had spread information about great athlete and gentleman.

Another interesting fact is that he had been in active wrestler career to his 70.
That show some real dedication to the sport.

He had also roles in two small movies "Gods mill" (support role) and "Prague´s Hangman" (leading role). Both movies are nearly unknown in our country (second for example don´t have any comments or pictures from movie at our largest site about cinematography).
When he did cast, he had to cancel some wrestling matches which he was sorry of and was critized for that cancellation by people and journalists.
That leaded him to cancellation of leading roles in another movies: it´s question how his story would continue, if he take more parts in acting (our country had good actors, who started as stuntmants and have now career as actors).

His brothers (František, Josef and Karel) did greco-roman wrestling too (but more like a hobby I suppose - he was I thing only professional athlete of them).

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