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Mar 21 16 3:29 AM

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Any thoughts on these variations.

1, Behind the neck overhead pull down hands facing in or out?

2, Front press or back press?

For me it is hands facing out and front press.
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Mar 21 16 12:16 PM

1. I´m for all two (I do facing out variation too, but as a additional stretch, when I need in my workout another vertical pull excercise).
Hands facing out will be my first choice, but hands facing in is great variation of excercise: I feel that biceps head is worked more in this variation and I could engage lover back muscles around spine more in this variation (and some muscles are worked less). At the other hands, hands facing out variation is more comfortable position and it´s one of main traditional stretches with strands.
However, I don´t do ODP - front variation so much (and if I do it, it´s hands facing in variation).

2. I like back press more and perform it oftenly, although I do both of them.
I know front press is better builder for shoulders and triceps. But - back press is comfortable more for me and it is greater pectoral excercise. On top of that, I could check my good posture with that excercise more (desk job posture), as I feel that variation behind back force me to have shoulders in good, not-rounded position. And I feel that my back is also worked in that excercise in good way.
Reason I don´t do Front press so much is simple: there´s a huge list of excercise that target shoulders/triceps as a main muscles with expanders. Front press is great excercise, but for me is another excercise in "that which worked shoulder and triceps mainly list".

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Mar 22 16 11:43 AM

In my opinion both of variations.
I do only standard variation (out to the side) due to shorter length of chest expander and have really good development of chest - especially lower and side head (I´m not really good in anatomy, but I thing thats the place pectoral minor muscle is located).
Except of push ups (which i did not so often as back press in last months) and very ocasionall pull ups/chin ups, that targets little of upper side of chest I don´t do any excercise that targets chest (except other strandpulling excercises - You could see my routines in another topics). Some may be from genetics, some muscle memory, but overall I thing back press has really good efect on it.
I take it like another push excercise, that mimic motion of push ups - only not in front way, buth sideways (that could be reason, why side head of chest is worked more).

I could imagine that pressing variation on front (with longer tubing) could have better efect on overall chest development.

Id depends... everyone is different and react to muscle stimulation in different ways - You could always try it, if have same good effect on You

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