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Jan 29 16 3:59 AM

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Just a quick addendum to my last post. I tried Borge Fagerli's myo-reps protocol that I mentioned in that post. The protocol can be found here:

It was great. Strands seem very well suited to this kind of training. I got a tremendous pump. It seems like a terrific way to get some additional volume. I will experiment with this for the next several weeks and see what happens. 
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Feb 22 16 11:13 PM

Just recently I've been doing (band) hammer curls like this. The first time there was a big pump but since then it's not had that effect. I am enjoying it more than ordinary sets though and it doesn't take long so think I will stick with it a while longer.

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Mar 24 16 5:32 AM

For many years I've been somewhat prone to elbow pain. Just as the solution to knee pain is often to exercise the upper legs, I've been doing these sets with tricep extensions to try and help my elbows. I believe they are helping somewhat but I've a way to go.
I was reminded of something Pavel Tsatsouline once mentioned about the triceps: Unless the load is suitably heavy only the middle head does any work. After several sets I notice the pull feels different, as if then the remainder of my arm finally starts to contribute.
For these and the hammer curls, I've been taking around ten seconds between sets.

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Mar 24 16 11:23 AM

Interesting - I had read in some sites and forums that to reduce elbow pain for desk job person, one should reach to develop more biceps muscles.
Reason behind that is hands are already flexed for hours by position and biceps muscles are "shrinked".
A have noticed that if I didn´t balance biceps excercises with triceps oriented (which are in strands many) and use more excercises that force hands to work in bending position (triceps extension for example), I feel more tension in my elbow.
Elbow, elbow issues and pain and how to correct it properly is question for many and solutions are very different.

But Yeah - bigger load is possible way to reduce pain I think, if is performed with good technique and with proper form. Many bodybuilders recommended to use bigger load if one have issues with joints to build more muscle, engage deep muscles and nervous tissues and strenghten bones/joints. There is for example many people who had issues with knees and reduce the pain with bigger number of squats. There´s plenty of doctors that suggest to build muslces around some injuries to prevent further damage in future (for example reason that famous budybuilder Markus Ruhl started to work out was doctor reccomendation to build some muscles around his leg injury from football). As physios and doctors oftenly say: "If You don´t feel pain and feel, that this thing helps You, do it".
At the other hand - this statement could be dangerous, so: always is about anatomy and issues of person. That what could work for one (bigger load), could harm other with dirrerent issues.

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