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Jan 12 16 5:54 AM

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#1 [url]

Jan 12 16 8:16 AM

Cool stuff! Thanks for posting it, ayeedee!

"Any problem in the World can be solved by dancing." James Brown 
"I don't even know if I'm doin' this right" John Mellencamp
Mastering principles, frees us from slavery to recipes.
Set a DIRECTION, not a goal.

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#2 [url]

Jan 13 16 2:59 PM

Thanks a lot!

I will definitely check that book when I have time... looking forward to that
I appreciate every strandpulling/expander book/course, that I can read for free (every book or course that I can find for free is little christmas for me, due I don´t have resources to buy them).

Sad it´s not downloadable free in PDF or text form :/. Hope link will still work.

(In current time I had only second edition of Fatman´s book, Fred´s workout from Cable course and some articles, where Jack Reid appears - all which I had found for free at this great forum or through google search. At future a plan to print some of them).

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#4 [url]

Jan 14 16 2:56 PM

So... I checked it.
Man, that´s really great.

Not only that book, but the site as whole.
Many resources - with two "books" (course and short book) from Alfred Danks too.

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