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Dec 3 15 6:36 PM

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What chest expander excercises worked for lover back and abs best (from Your observation)?
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Dec 4 15 8:56 PM

For the abdominals you can do a lot of unilateral exercises you can't do with weights, say for instance bracing your left hand against your left leg and pulling out and up to your right with your right hand. That and any number of exercises where you are pushing/pulling diagonally tend to involve bracing the midsection in interesting ways.

For the lower back, you are probably left with expander versions of standard exercises, i.e. deadlifts and rowing motions.
The force curve on deadlifting with elastic resistance means that for a similar lower back strain the grip is taxed a lot more than the lower back in comparison with barbell deadlifts, whether this is a problem or not will be a personal situation. If you have something which attached one end to a point on the ground though, that can help.

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Dec 4 15 9:42 PM

Could You please send a link to video or picture what You describe as first excercise for abs (my english is unfortunately not that well, I don´t know if I imagine what You describe correctly).
Thank You.

Currenty I do split workout with expanders (and some bodyweight excercises), where do I every other day (pull + lower body) 3 sets of leg raises for abs (to 15-20 reps), 3 brides for time ("hamstring" bridge, hand-supported wrestler´s bridge and standard back bridge). First day (pushing excercises) I do 3 sets of push ups, so another excercise that targets core.
I think I don´t do any diagonal excercise or rotation for abs. I would think to add some of that excercises too.

For lower back I currently do only 3 sets of seated rows (and mentioned bridging, but thats only stretch of lower back and more core excercise).
Are rows targeting lower back as same as middle area or will be better to ad another lower back excercise (mentioned version of expander deadlift or superman excercise).

I cound send my current workout, if it helps (maybe You or another member found what to uprgrade or if anything is missing for fullbody workout).

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Dec 4 15 11:45 PM

For lower back and posterior chain, bodyweight exercises like bridges and hip thrusts work better than any expander exercises, at least for me.

However, if you can work out some way to do cable deadlifts, that might be even better. If you search this forum for "cable deadlifts", you will see a picture of Big Bruv's band deadlift setup (wooden pallet and rubber bands).

Add in some planks for the core and squats/lunges for the leg muscles, and you should be set.

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Dec 5 15 12:46 AM

I will use expander deadlifts for lover back (actually I know three ways as I could perform deadlift-type of motion with chest expander: I will use one in which I feel lover back most) and add planks to core workout.

Yeah, I saw deadlift for that set up. It is very cool. Hopefully I will expand my home set up for workout (currently have only one crappy manufactured rubber chest expander).

For legs I do now bodyweight squats and expander lying leg curls (alternate legs).

My current workout (I try to orient it for bodybuilding and health purposes) is bellow.
I have found that spliting workout in two days with 9 excercises - 3 for body part - 3 sets each + 1 additional excercise - 3 sets worked for my pretty well years ago with weights, with strands i now use 8 excercises - 4 sets each and 2 aditional excercises - 3 sets each:

Day 1 - push
Chest - Push ups, Back press
Shoulders - Front chest pull, Shoulder press
Triceps - Archer´s pull, Triceps press
additional - forearms: Superset wrist curl/reverse wrist curl

Day 2 - legs, pull
Legs - Squats, Leg curls
Back - Overhead downward pull (alternating back and front), Seated rows
Biceps - Biceps curl, Hammer biceps curl
additional - core: Leg raises, Bridges

At the end of every workout I do neck stretches that physio-therapist teach me (neck spine problems).

But I have in mind workout with same number of excercises and sets as I use with weights (so 9-3-3 + 1-3-3) where I ad some excercises to workout above:

Day 1:
Chest + Front press
Shoulders + Whippet
Triceps + Diamond push ups
additional will stay - wrist curl superset

Day 2:
Legs + Calf raises
Back + Expander deadlift
Biceps + Reverse curl
additional - I don´t know here, which ab excercise from mentioned (leg raises, planks, bridges) choose. Maybe leg raises should stay here and I will use one set of plank + bridge as pre-workout or post-workout excercise.

Do You think that good set ut or will You personaly change something (maybe add more leg and core sets and substract some excercises that target triceps or shoulders, which are with expander many ) ?

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#5 [url]

Dec 9 15 7:55 PM

A door attachment or a screw-in wall attachment allows such exercises as straight-arm pulldowns, triceps pressdowns and alternate punches which engage the abs as stabilizers.

You can also do more kinetic movements such as one-arm cable crossovers, woodchoppers, kneeling crunches, and sidebends.

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