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Sep 24 15 7:08 PM

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Could you guys please recommend a strand I can buy to do cable deadlifts. At the moment I train with stell spring strands but will need rubber/plastic to replicate deadlifts.

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Sep 24 15 11:48 PM

Sierra Exercise Equipment has what you need. A combination of The Hook and the Suspension Trainer should do it. 

BigBruvOfEngIandUK made a wooden skid-like platform to loop the bands under while standing on it. You can likely pick up a wooden pallet skid for free and modify it to suit.

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Mastering principles, frees us from slavery to recipes.
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Sep 25 15 4:06 AM

In the past I've used the Hook handles sold in Mikey's link but with the flat bands sold by pullum sports
I'm sure a few of any "heavy" flat bands anyone sells would do. If I was getting back into it and wanted more resistance I might see what the resistance was like on pallet bands since they are pretty cheap.
I trained barefooted but to avoid the bands tearing at my feet sometimes I'd stand on a bit of cardboard which would fold up on either side, you might find it doesn't bother you though.

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Sep 26 15 8:03 PM

I just started using steel springs for deadlift.  My extension steel springs are slightly longer (about 17 inches) than what you would normally find in a expander set. The springs are attached to the rafters of my garage and are pulled by vinyl coated steel wire thru pulleys attached to a diamond plate base I stand on.  I repurposed the diamond plate base from a bowflex squat set-up.  For deadlift, the range of motion is perfect and the tension feels great. Although, I have to grip lower on the cables where there are wood stoppers.  Gripping the handle is too high of a start. But I am currently trying to tweak the set-up for a squat overhead press clean type move.  For what I would like, I have found that I will need a heavier elevated stand with lower pulley (to tighten up tension from the start of pull), longer vinyl coated cables (for complete range of motion to overhead press) and longer extension springs (to accommodate the full range of motion). I may also have to switch my anchor site to the tow on my van, as the rafters here are pretty dry from 30 years of desert heat. The rafters creak when I pull.  You can get continuous length extension springs from 


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Sep 27 15 8:05 AM

Thank you for posting that, yankeebandit! Really cool stuff!

"Any problem in the World can be solved by dancing." James Brown 
"I don't even know if I'm doin' this right" John Mellencamp
Mastering principles, frees us from slavery to recipes.
Set a DIRECTION, not a goal.

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Oct 4 15 11:42 PM

Here's another spring tool that could be used for deadlifts.  The range of movement is limited compared to the platform I posted in the above comment.  I found this on eBay a while ago and just started experimenting with it. Its homemade and came with no instructions.  I use it for sit-ups and v-ups.  I saw a video of a guy doing leg presses, curls, and rows with one too.


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Nov 21 15 10:28 PM

Strands for Stiff-legged Deadlifts or Squats

 I do stiff-legged deadlifts with a recycled section of one of those 5-foot long rubber cables.
When it started to crack, I cut out a good section of it about 21 inches long.
I replugged the ends with some hardware store wooden dowel plugs which have grooves and rounded ends, after first slipping the cable ends through the original handles.
Another component of my setup is an upcycled 1.3 litre plastic milk bag slipped over the strand, which protects it from dirt and abrasion and allows it to slide smoothly.
With sections of up to 100-pound pull cables available and Lifeline triple handles, you could work with a pretty strong resistance.
The plastic sleeve idea works equally well for these same exercises with Elastikon expanders or lifter's knee wraps.

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Nov 28 15 9:57 PM


I visually inspect the strand from time to time for small cracks.
Being held down by one foot, if it snapped, it would probably just hit the floor, so I'm not overly concerned.
That being said, the Elastikon and lifter's knee wrap options are not going to snap.
I did a comparison test last workout, and am likely to shift mostly to them.
The Elastikons allow smaller increments in resistance than the knee wraps, but require footwear.
With the knee wraps though I can kick off my sandals, as they work comfortably under the arch of my socked foot.
I don't use the plastic sleeve with the knee wraps, as only an inch of the band under the outside of the foot is in light contact with the floor. 

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Dec 4 15 11:48 PM

squidjuggler wrote:

That being said, the Elastikon and lifter's knee wrap options are not going to snap.

How do you use the knee wraps? Wrap them around the cable where you press down with your foot?

Or do you mean use the wraps to deadlift with?

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Dec 5 15 9:08 PM

Repurposed Knee Wrap Deadlift Variations


I do the straight-legged deadlift as a warm up and toning exercise.

I fold the knee wrap band in two, grasp both ends, put a foot in the middle then straight-leg deadlift.
You can also do this on both sides at once, with a doubled band under each foot.

If you stand on both doubled bands with both feet, it works as well but is even more intense, as you're stretching less length of band the same distance.
I usually do a traditional deadlift this way.

A whole workout done with knee wrap bands is a more intense grip workout than one done with handled strands.

The very strong could of course use two or more pairs of knee wrap bands.


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#14 [url]

Dec 10 15 12:57 AM

That sounds interesting, I never thought about using knee wraps as strands but it totally makes sense. Must be a killer for the grip.

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