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Jun 26 15 8:39 AM

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Lifter's knee wraps are similar in form to the flat latex bands used in rehab, but stronger and more durable.

I have the Harbinger wraps, black with red stripes- they are about as strong as my vintage Weider chest expander springs, perhaps 25-30 pounds.

I usually fold them over twice to use as a chest expander, but you can go up to double that strength by working with both bands.

They work the hammer grip in curls, or you can hold your palm up and work the biceps with torque.

You can use them comfortably for neck exercises, and they are easy on the hair.

 You can do bench-press style motions with the band across your back, or add resistance to pushups.

Hold them close, and you have something like the iron shoe.

They fit flat under the foot or feet for squats, deadlifts, and other exercises.

I find them more comfortable to hold than straight tubing, somewhat like pulling on a towel.

They are light, portable, affordable, and fit in a coat pocket or desk drawer.


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Dec 10 15 4:41 AM

I hung 30 pounds of barbell plates from one doubled knee wrap band, knotted where I would hold it.

The length of doubled band stretched was 28 inches, and the distance stretched was 27.5 inches, or about double.

In a straight-legged deadlift holding under one foot I usually stretch the doubled band 14-16 inches.

I estimate this pull at about 60 pounds.

As the knee wrap was doubled, I decided the proper comparison would be with 2 of my vintage Weider Canadiana springs.

These are touted on both of my boxes as 'World's Strongest Steel Expanders'.

I hung a chest expander with two springs with the same 30 pounds of plates, and the working part of the springs stretched from 14 5/8 to 27 7/8 inches, or almost twice their original length.

Both the knee wrap bands and the springs stretched very close to the same amount.

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