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Oct 29 13 1:53 AM

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I just found the Liederman course online:

Besides cals, it relies heavily on stretching cables.

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Oct 31 13 6:02 PM

Yes it is an awesome course. I remember that before Fatman found me on Shen's forum I worked on my ruber bands exactly as it's described in Liederman. What also had sticked with me for several years it's the Liederman chest press. That simple exercise I used as a complementary in my chest training. While I barely was able to hit that spot in the upper pecs with cals, this simple exercise made it sore for days. 

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Aug 28 16 6:31 PM

Would any of user be so kind and post here excercises and sets from Earle Liederman Course (or link to that course, if anybody know where to find it)?
Sandowplus pages are out of order for long time and great web library of David Gentle web have some writings of him, unfortunately not that course.

As I go back in interest of strandpulling (longer pause with some experimenting in BWF, illness and mainly laziness ), I find mention of that course in one of Jack Reid´s articles which was posted here (in topic about him).
Thank You.

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Aug 28 16 10:26 PM


He was one of many "correspondents" my father wrote back and forth with early on. As regards his training ideas, they were generally pre-modern training ideas, that is, advice was often to follow a very large and wide group of exercises for one set each, not necessarily to exhaustion or anything.  And, Liederman's exercises were just the traditional strand movements of that era.

His ideas morphed over time to follow trends.

We just moved so I don't have my albums out but I have a large photo, the most famous one of Liederman, with a "To Jack Reid . . ." inscription written across the face.  If I find it any time soon, I'll post it.

Cables were very popular when steel for barbells was hard to come by and Liederman was one of several who touted mail order training manuals and cable sets.

Oh! I think he also used some general dips and chins and gymnastic movements in his routines. Note, that Liederman had fairly well-developed pectorals for someone in the pre-bench press era. Dips maybe? I can't recall.  I always thought it made his posture look poor, sort of slump-shouldered and pulled forward a bit.

And, I don't ever recall any cross-over events, say, that he competed in weightlifting meets.


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Aug 29 16 1:48 AM

Brad: Thanks, I think that another photo of famous expander user in this forum would be awesome.
So one set per excercise, traditional strand movements (combined with some bwf and weighted stuff).

I thought that Liederman course was mainly builded around strand excercises (I had overlooked that Daniel in first post of this topics mention "cals" also, which would be short term for "calisthenics" I suppose).
I had checked stuff in David Gentle´s web You mentioned briefly, in "Muscle building" are strand excercises, along with bwf and barbell excercises divided by main body parts, in "Muscular Development Course" short document with bad print quality (bwf excercises mostly I think) and in "Muscular Development, 9th edition" lot of photos of athletes, testimonials and general fitness advices (as progression and stuff).

Is that course in any of these documents (If so, could You lead me to correct page, where I could find summarization of course excercises)?
Or is it not "classsic" expander course, only reccomendations of excercises with expanders, bwf and weights?

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