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Apr 2 13 11:56 PM

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What do you think of the new expander that my good mate Dave Gentle gave me, he said it was about the right strength for me.


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Apr 3 13 9:08 PM

gripper wrote:
Here I am this morning working out with the new expander


Well the e-bay ad did say exactly as per the photo!


I saw your first post earlier and was going to comment on it (that I did not see that kind of design before, it seemed to have very limited resistance, etc and that you may want to get another set soon). 

How is the resistance on it? 

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Apr 4 13 5:13 AM

I want one...

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Apr 4 13 8:24 AM

On first post, I wondered why the handles looked a little weird. Looks like the right size for GI Joe action figure equipment.

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Apr 13 13 4:11 AM

I was going to comment on how short the springs seemed for a full range of movement, well and truly fooled there.

Be nice to make a swag of them as emblems or badges for strandpulling clubs etc...     Trophies for the strandpulling forum's man of the year ? 

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