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Mar 16 12 11:40 PM

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I like the Terry's and Spenby handles and springs.

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Mar 17 12 2:09 PM

The "quick change snap links" "(carabiners. hardware store) are handy if you need to change strands quickly. I used those on a set for a while but eventually I found enough Terrys and Spenby handles and springs to make up sets starting at 1 strand and going up to 5 strands with several sets in pairs. They are pretty easy to find at "car boot sales" in the UK and on but not always complete sets. There are often one or two rusty springs in used sets though but at the right price it can still be worth buying them for the handles and the good springs

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Mar 17 12 5:19 PM

I picked up a 3 strand Terry's on EBay a while back. Outstanding feel. I would be great to have a 4 and 5 strand set as well, but oh well....

One thing I was surprised by is I find the Steel Springs to actually pinch less than the rubber strands. They are very comfortable to use.

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Mar 19 12 7:28 PM

Very similar looking to my own collection. I've got a blue wood handle set, two red wood handle sets and two of the plastic handle sets. All mine are 5 spring handles but I'd love to get some handles with 6 or more attachments, some with 8 would be ideal.


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Mar 19 12 9:58 PM

I have not seen any Spenby handles other than the 5 spring variety. Terry's handles have much more variety as do their springs and attachments. Terry's are by far the best, and Spenby is far better than the rest. I don't recall seeing Terry's for sale in sporting goods stores in London, only Spenby. Thomas Inch wrote that Terry's were the finest that money could buy and would last a lifetime.

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Mar 20 12 1:51 PM

I didnt use them. I just brought them to put on display in the room that I used as a gym. The wrist exerciser still had the box

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Mar 21 12 4:27 AM

Strength Baron wrote:
I haven't had any trouble with springs pinching my skin either.

The Blue handled Terry's has a by far better feel to it than the other handles. It turns silky smooth. The springs feel better too. The red ones all rotate poorly in comparison. Only the 3 spring handles are acceptable, but still not as good. I would have sold them all and just used my new Hook from Shen. The feel of the Blue Terry's is just too good though. I wanted the minimal so it takes up less room and is better for traveling.

If I decide to buy any more online, I would probably only get Terry's. Thanks for the insights.

I would like to get some more options like a door anchor that can hold an expander handle in place without too much hassle. Two of Shen's Hook anchors side by side should do the trick. Or use the Hook Handles as a pair of door anchors.
I wanted to anchor my steel expander to the door today.  So I hooked the handle of the expnader over my irongym pull up bar.  It works a treat and is completely secure. 

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Mar 31 12 11:06 PM

They are mighty long. The handles are compact, cables not so. I realized the reason for this is the bungie's cotton covering severely limits how far the cable can stretch, so they have to compensate by making the cables longer.

Still nice to have one in the collection, the strength curve is totally different pulling them.

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Apr 11 12 6:50 AM

I've got one elastic chest expander similar to the second one in on right ,one spring loaded one and a bendy spring thing a got for a few dollars at second hand store even thou I have the hook. I can't get rid of them they only cost a few bucks and they work well and an occasional change is good!

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Jun 6 16 5:15 AM

Maximum Stretch for Terry's Springs

I have just tried out my new Terry's 3-strand exerciser.

It has 3 springs on the box and light-green plastic handles.

The handles are a bit tight for my XL hands, but still work.

The springs are 12.25 inches long, including loops.

They come equipped with 1.75 inch heavy-duty clips.

Even with my 64-inch wingspan, the interior cord is not stretched tight.

The stretch feels very good, smoother and livelier compared to the other springs in my collection.

I am happy to have it.


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Jun 7 16 8:59 AM

Terry's 6-Loop Handles on EBay-Ending Soon

A little rusty, but surface rust can be dealt with. There are also some 5-loop handles. 

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Aug 12 16 7:26 PM

Terry Springs Update

One of my Terry springs, which was used alone as a warm up expander, started to gap after 3 month's use.

The other two, which were paired, got 3 times as much use but are fine.

Perhaps the one spring had seen more use than the others before I got it.

I think it's more likely that I overstretched it, somewhat ironically, doing Thomas Inch style extreme fcp's.


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