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Nov 4 13 10:35 PM

At least I need two deep breaths, if a targeted muscle group (usually my delta's) feel overpumped I give them a short rest, 1 minute max.

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Nov 4 13 11:34 PM

Yes, it's the delts. I ordered the exercises in a way that I can go from "lightest" to heaviest, just as suggested by Ayeedee (pros: no need for warm-up; only adding cables during training). BUT, this puts LR directly before FCP, with the effect that the lateral heads of my delts are "screaming" almost right from the start in the FCP.

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Mar 11 17 11:00 AM

The grouping varies depending on what exercises happen to be done using the same resistance. sometimes I will need to do more cable changes as I have progressed on some movements but not others. Either way I try to minimise cable changing by grouping as I do not want to lose any momentum by stopping. I train 6 days because I enjoy it, and it takes so little time to complete this routine. Could be that 3 x a week would work just as well.

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Mar 11 17 11:05 AM

Daniel wrote:
And one more question:

Do you guys on the 20-Rep-daily-routine

a) rest between exercises or

b) do one big "circuit" without stops other than for changing cables?

The latter seems to limit the poundages I am able to pull drastically...
You are new to this. You will develop the endurance to not rest between exercises and still not have to use less resistance.

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