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Oct 19 16 8:13 PM

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Maybe you have a weight bench at home with a leg extension attachment or could do this at your local gym?

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Oct 20 16 4:54 AM

No weight bench, no gym? How about something like this?

I think I would sit completely to the back of the chair.

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Oct 21 16 5:52 PM

You don´t need even chair
Standing excercise: just hold one handle of expander (or another band/tube) behind Your back with both hands and put one feet into other handle (with some type of expanders is better to have thick socks or boots on) - so You have tubing behind Your legs. Then simply perform excercise (leg extension motion).
I think that if one is creative or DIY´s other attachments, other leg excercises could be achieved too (hamstring curls for example are no problem with bands too).

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Nov 10 16 12:17 AM


Yes, to the idea of doing them standing. 

But, I'd cobble together a simple foot stirrup with a cable connection located right around the heel. Then, hook it up to a cable that itself is hooked to a rope and toss it over the top of a chinning bar. Pull the slack out and your heel up to your butt, then hold it there with your hand or hands . . . and start thrusting your foot down to the ground for reps.

Repeat and rinse, as they say!


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