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Jul 30 16 8:23 AM

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I recently moved from Ibiza to Australia. Before we left we had to sort through our stuff to decide what to bring with us. I noticed that quite a lot of my bands were really not in good condition anymore. I had several brands including Ironwoody, Pullum Sports and Sierra. I should have thrown some of these bands out long ago anyway but I just bought more bands and the older ones ended up further back in the closet. I noticed a fairly rapid decline in all of my bands since living in Ibiza. Several of them were from when I lived in England so they were getting quite old but even some of the newer bands I had bought while living in Ibiza were deteriorating. Ibiza is  humid pretty much all year round and gets fairly hot in Summer. We lived on the coast so I am thinking the air was salty? I know that stainless steel suffers very badly in the Ibiza climate so I'm wondering if the humidity or salty air or heat or a combination of two of more of those things was the cause and may explain why some band owners bands don't last as long as others?
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Oct 18 16 2:41 AM

I have had a great many rubber tubing loops for many years. I have a big variety too. All are like new apart from the Ironmind latex loops that came with their chest expander. All of those quickly broke. I live in the heat and humidity of South Florida, but no deterioation has taken place. I do not use anything such as Armorall nor would I. I do use a Central Air conditioning System all the year round.

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Dec 29 16 6:19 AM

When I frist got into strands and was really worried about breakage, I Armorall-ed the bands I had in our studio. Still had a break within a few months.

The biggest thing to be wary of is UV exposure that's what will cause them to break down more than anything, that and as mentioned above exposure to organic compounds like oils.

Edit (notice that Big Bruv!) I just took a look at my older bands, made using Theraband tubing, and boy they are all ready to go. Rubber rot a on every one of them at the joint where they are under constant stress. Guess I'm going to need to buy some more tubing myself. 

Just did a bit of Googling and found this - 

Natural Disolvents

  • Latex consists of 55 to 65 percent water. The ozone, oxygen, heat, ultra violet rays and humidity exceeding 40 percent causes latex to evaporate, leading to deterioration. When it comes to latex, the old adage of "water and oil don't mix" rings true. Latex will deteriorate when coming in contact with oil and petroleum-based products such as shoe polish, saddle soap, Vaseline and other forms of petroleum-based jelly, many hand lotions, oil-based soaps and lubricants.

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Dec 29 16 9:23 PM

I've had the tubing of the same stock stored in the original box, in a closet. The stored stock looks brand new. 
Hopefully it comes across in the photos below, but one tube is bright and shinny the other dull and oxidised. This is after about 4 years.


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Jan 4 17 6:53 PM

The light weight bands I got with the Samson had the same issue, and they were stored in a box, in the closet. The heavier black ones are still fine though.

The heavy black Theraband's were also in decent shape.

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Jan 28 17 11:43 PM

Keep a close watch on all of your tubing, and repair or replace as needed. Always wear safety googles.


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