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Sep 5 16 11:03 PM

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Apologies if this is an old topic, I'm new both to strand pulling and to this forum. 

Basically, I'm wondering if 'the Hook' is availanble to purchase in the uk? I've been on the sierra exercise website, but it looks as though it hasn't been updated in a long while. I've also sent an email to the gent who manufactures them and haven't had a response.

If anyone could help with any info on the situation regarding what looks to be like a great piece of kit, I'd be gratgeful.


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Sep 6 16 8:39 PM

The Hook, and all Sierra Exercise Equipment, is manufactured in and sold from Pratt, KS, USA. You did the right thing by contacting Bruce. 

Welcome to the forum!

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Sep 9 16 12:51 AM


thanks for your reply. I'll send Bruce another email then, perhaps the old one got lost in cyber space.

Are there any benefits of the hook system as opposed to the lifeline usa cables? I'm using the latter at the moment but have the sneaking feeling that there is quite some discrepancy between the pull of different colour cables. My green, for example, feels significantly tougher than the yellow-much more than a yellow and a teal which 'should' add up to the same pound pull.

Is this just me do you think?

Thanks again.


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Sep 9 16 3:19 AM

Hello, Ben.

I don't know why I haven't received your email, but, yes, The Hook Gym is available all over the world. Shipping is via First Class International, the least expensive available.

Lifeline? The Hook has so many advantages over Lifeline, et. al., they're too numerous to list. Just think of the fastest loading pair of dumbbells you'll ever wrap your hands around - unlimited resistance.



The Hook advanced resistance bands training

Sierra Suspension Trainer

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Sep 11 16 5:05 AM

Welcome to the Strandpulling forum, Ben.
Bruce has shipped many Sierra items to the UK and other countries.
You definitely wont regret buying The Hook. It's a great system. It's so quick change the resistance and very compact.
It's not like you have to completely abandon your Lifeline cables either. You may find you still want to use them for certain exercises.

Bruce, the email may have gone to your spam?

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Sep 12 16 3:17 AM

I live in the UK and have used the Hook for a few years now. Shipping is not expensive and the hook and bands are great. I too used Lifeline prior to, and together with the Hook. Didn't bother replacing the Lifeline cables once the snapped, now use Hook only.

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Sep 23 16 1:54 AM

I have the suspension trainer, too, and like it a lot.  First quality.

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