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Oct 8 12 11:17 PM

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Apparently not, look at this image and be amazed - 87 years old. Then take a closer look and be blown away he has a 56lb weight in each hand!!!!!


I got the image from Ron Tyrrell when I visited him the other week he gave me a 50lb spring for my Sandow expander and showed me the picture in an old Health and Strength. I copied it onto my phone and only noticed the 56lb weights when I was checking out the expander handles a few days later. I have lightened the photo slightly so the weights are clearer. Anyone fancy trying out this as an exercise.

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Oct 9 12 5:14 AM

I'd say the weights are a lot lighter, I've got some of those 56lb block weights and mine are more than twice the length and deeper than the ones he's holding. I think maybe half that weight or less would be nearer, they only look about a 10kg block to me. Cool photo though.


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Oct 9 12 7:39 PM

Thanks for the observation Paul, you may be right.

I don't know of a lighter block-weight that would be that size as they are obviously not 28lb weights. I realise the photo is not very clear and I did not even spot the weights to start with.

I have put in a photo of me messing about with two 56lb weights (from a few decades ago) to gauge the size of the weights compared to hand size etc.
Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Oct 10 12 5:28 PM

You can get those cast block weights in sizes starting at 5kg and they tend to go 5,10,20,25,50. Mine have no numbers on but after weighing them they are each 54lbs which is half a kilo or 1 lb under 25kg. I guess even 10kg ones would give you a good workout if you were pressing them out to arms length for reps like in the photo. These aren't mine but as an example 5kg and 10kg don't look all that different.

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Oct 10 12 11:01 PM


Hey Paul

Thanks again for the input and the examples of the blockweights, I suppose we will never know for sure but the 56lb crucifix was and in my opinion a terific freat of strength and not something you would contemplate at 87 years of age so I now agree with you they must be lighter weights.

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